Privacy Policy

This policy extends to all pages and information collected within this domain.

We don’t spam. You will never get an e-mail from us unless you request more information. In that case, you’ll probably get an e-mail from us as a follow-up as well.

We don’t telemarket. All our marketing is done through word-of-mouth, paid advertising, and internet efforts (that do not include spam).

Certain questions we have to ask in order to give you accurate quotes.

There is no third-party entity accessing this information. It’s just us.

We understand the importance of closely guarding your privacy on the internet. When you visit our website or when you provide information in any fashion to us, we want you to understand how that information will be used.

Information Collected Non Personally Identifiable

What does this mean? Well, Non-Personally Identifiable information is the kind of information required to monitor this site’s popularity and visitation patterns. We don’t harvest your IP address or anything nearly that specific. Our server logs simply indicate a visit occurred.

Information You Submit

At various places within this domain, there are places where you may submit personally identifiable information (PII), such as through the contact form. PII is treated as follows: PII, such as e-mail addresses or phone numbers, are kept under the tightest control. If appropriate legal circumstances exist, you may request to see all documents and files containing your personally identifiable information.

We do NOT rent, sell, or distribute any information submitted to the domain by visitors. Your information stays within the confines of our immediate operating environment.

We do not allow external entities to view such information, except as required by law or in the course of a criminal or other legal investigation.

We may use such information to send you information through our own in-house newsletters or to correspond with you for some other purpose, but ONLY if you have told us to do so. At any time you can request we discontinue such contact and we will do so immediately.

If there is anything else you want to know concerning your privacy, just call us and we’ll be glad to tell you.